Founded in 2015, Great Northern Resources Inc. is an environmental consulting firm of focused professionals who believe in the quality of our natural, built, and social environments. Specialized in cultural resource services, we are capable of providing the professional services necessary to successfully guide our clients through the planning, permitting, and licensing process at the federal, state, and local levels.


Our Vision

Our natural, built, and social environments have extraordinary value. We strive to set an example for how appreciation and use can coincide to strengthen our collective ability to responsibly manage the world we live in today for the generations of tomorrow.

As Wendell Berry wrote, “The question isn’t to use or not to use, but rather how to use.”

Our Mission

Great Northern Resources is dedicated to offering a high-caliber team focused on providing the resources necessary to achieve reliable, balanced results on every project for both our clients and the environment.

Our Core Values


The contributions we make through our work are important to us and we recognize the privilege and responsibility of each assignment. We provide every client high-quality, sustainable solutions tailored to the unique requirements of their project.


We believe people matter as much as our natural world. So, we endeavor to determine the right, most responsible results to make our communities and environments strong today and strong for the future.


Guided by honesty, accountability, and humility, we choose to hold both ourselves and our work to the highest moral and ethical standards so each relationship is built on cooperation and trust.